Window clients time is not updating in active directory domain

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Windows Time Service servers report a precision of -6, and do not appear to interpolate time between system clock ticks.This limits their absolute accuracy to 16 ms, far below that of the reference ntpd implementaion.The implementations in Windows 2000 and Windows XP are SNTP clients only, and not suitable for use as a server, although Windows 2000 domain conrollers incorrectly serve time at stratum 2 always, regardless of their time source configuration.

If you’re running Windows 10, you can go to Settings Malware may cause various issues on your computer, including printer errors.

I click on the printer then another message overrides this which states ‘Active directory domain service is currently unavailable. Then, click Network Printer and Browse for Printer; see if you can find it and if it works.

Some have suggested to reinstall the Office suite; I don’t see how this has any connection, but give it a try, just in case it might work out for you.

The domain controller who is the Primary Domain Controller Emulator in the network is automatically configured to poll a time source, and all subsequent domain controllors automatically obtain time from the Primary Domain Controller Emulator. Note that this configuration should not be used on Windows servers or clients that are members of an Active Directory domain, unless you absolutely want them to ignore time from Active Directory domain controllers on the network.

as time sources, so that domain controllers are used as time sources when the laptop is on the netowork, but org is used when the machine is "on the road" but still connected to the Internet (at a Wi Fi hot-spot in your local coffee house, for example).

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