Who is richard armitage actor dating

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The Crucible is at the Old Vic, London until 13 Sept.

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But I don’t think it would have made a difference coming to the Crucible.” And after 13 years of concentrating on film and television, returning to the stage is a very big deal for him.Richard Armitage arrives in the tiny, cluttered stage manager’s office of The Old Vic straight from rehearsals for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.He’s bearded and dressed in thick shapeless trousers, heavy boots, and a rough collarless cotton shirt open at the neck to reveal a broad chest. Anyone who knew the 42 year-old only as the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit films might have quite a shock.“I leave the rehearsal room – and I carry him with me, I carry his thoughts, I dream his dreams a little bit.” It’s a role that many non-theatre goers associate with Daniel Day-Lewis’s portrayal of Proctor in the 1996 film.How does Armitage feel to be up against that performance? And I think there are some monumental performances in it.

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