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Last year, Bernice King, a pastor who still preaches at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where her father and grandfather preached, was forced to hand over the bible and medal into the custody of a court in Atlanta pending the resolution of the suit.Ms King, who says she inherited the bible and medal from her late mother, Coretta Scott King, said she was "appalled and utterly ashamed" at her brothers' desire to sell items that she considered "sacred" to their father's memory.She witnessed the historic handshake between Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Chairman Yassir Arafat at the signing of the Middle East Peace Accords.She stood with Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg when he became South Africa’s first democratically-elected president. A few days after her death, thousands of Atlantans stood in line in the pouring sleet to pay their respects to her at a viewing in Ebenezer Baptist Church.Situated in the Freedom Hall complex encircling Dr.King’s tomb, The King Center is today located inside of a 23-acre national historic park which includes his birth home, and which hosts over one million visitors a year.Coretta Scott King tirelessly carried the message of nonviolence and the dream of the beloved community to almost every corner of our nation and globe.

She served as a Women’s Strike for Peace delegate to the seventeen-nation Disarmament Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962.In 1988, she re-convened the Coalition of Conscience for the 25th anniversary of the March on Washington.In preparation for the Reagan-Gorbachev talks, in 1988 she served as head of the U. delegation of Women for a Meaningful Summit in Athens, Greece; and in 1990, as the USSR was redefining itself, Mrs.Coretta Scott King was one of the most influential women leaders in our world.Prepared by her family, education, and personality for a life committed to social justice and peace, she entered the world stage in 1955 as wife of the Reverend Dr. and as a leading participant in the American Civil Rights Movement. King resulted not only in four children, who became dedicated to carrying forward their parent’s work, but also in a life devoted to the highest values of human dignity in service to social change. King traveled throughout the world speaking out on behalf of racial and economic justice, women’s and children’s rights, gay and lesbian dignity, religious freedom, the needs of the poor and homeless, full-employment, health care, educational opportunities, nuclear disarmament and environmental justice.

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