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Treat the conditions – remove and alter what you can (e.g., genitals, internal sex organs, hormones) and try to forget what you can’t (e.g. One of the most common “treatments” is genital surgery.Some intersex kids have genitals that are not typically male or female and are sometimes considered “ambiguous.” (I hate this term.I think it’s because there’s this idea out there that based on the body parts that a person has, their sex, gender, and sexual orientation are all inherently linked in one of two pre-determined sets.A child assigned female at birth is instantly assumed to be of female gender.(Cue choir of angels.) But what do you do when confronted with a person whose body isn’t easily categorized as male or female? Maybe they won’t feel like a boy or a girl and will play with GI Joes dressed up in pink, and act like a lady except when they won’t, and they’ll dress in clothing combinations that scare the kids.Maybe they’ll like just girls or just boys or both or other disturbing little snowflakes like themselves, and who KNOWS what will happen if they reproduce. In short, unlike typical girls and boys, there are no guidelines telling society how intersex people are supposed to be treated. Our physical traits might not really be so scary, but the implications of accepting our bodies go pretty quickly from what-does-this-mean to what-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-do-NOW?!Although doctors typically check only external genitalia to assign sex, these traits also include internal sex organs, chromosomes, and hormone types and levels.If a child has all the “boy forms” of these traits, he’s a boy.

While external genitals may look atypical in some forms of intersex, this is not the case for others. Intersex is definitely about bodies, but it’s not really about genitals.

Intersex is generally thought of as a medical condition—a rare and kind of weird thing that sometimes happens to kids and needs to be fixed.

This image isn’t accurate, although it took me more than a decade to really understand and embrace that.

Our genitals don’t, like, morph their shape every so often or something.

Our bodies aren’t “in between” male and female bodies.

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