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As the side effects exhibited by this variant of attack from our detection point of view is similar, we will not discuss this variant in further detail.

An example of a simple test showing one of the statistical differences exhibited by a process that exploits the Spectre vulnerability (See figure 1) is evident in the ratio of cache-misses to missed branches (branches that were executed speculatively and we’re later reverted as the speculation was wrong.

Spectre exploits a flaw in the design of this system.

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The second vulnerability, named Spectre, leverages yet another design flaw in modern hardware.The abovementioned insights lead to the conclusion that code that exploits the Meltdown vulnerability will be characterized by speculative code which reads inaccessible memory, followed by a write to user controlled memory.This is then followed by a large amount of cache misses in order to exfiltrate the data into an overt-channel.While the Meltdown vulnerability was patched earlier this week in a feature known as KTPI patch, the Spectre vulnerability remains unpatched.This leaves even up-to-date systems vulnerable to attack.

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