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Right now all 8 of the mags on the chest are SS109s, 2 of the mags on the leg are Wolf HP, and 2 are Wolf FMJ, since I didn't have anything better lying around and I used up the bulk of my Remington 223 for my Mini-14 mags.I've got about 15 spare AR-15 mags loaded with assortments ranging from a few oddball rounds of SS109s to varying types of wolf or Silver-bear, but I'm going to take them to the range soon and blast through all of that, and then replace them with M193s and varying types of high quality hollow points.More here at I have no clue if Savage is at fault here for having manufactured muzzle loaders with faulty metal in the barrels or if this is due to shooter error (it does not take much to screw up how you load a muzzle loader) and am not finding fault with either but just giving you a warning that if you own a muzzle loader - especially a Savage 10ML-II - be careful or in the case of a 10ML-II maybe consider asking Savage if they will replace it.Savage Arms reportedly discontinued the manufacture of these rifles in 2010 ("The company acknowledged in Hansen’s case that it received 45 legal claims related to burst or split barrels dating to 2004.Just avoid the 2004 batch; they used faulty primers that would blow out the back of the case every so often.

Add to that the alleged fact that while Savage blamed user error, they also offered some folks replacement rifles and it makes one wonder why would Savage offer replacements if the shooters were at fault.

Were they trying to appease folks whose guns had barrels gone bad so they would not file lawsuits or were they doing it out of the goodness of their hearts?

Then there is the obfuscation issue from the earlier case, Savage allegedly claiming many fewer incidents than of which they allegedly were actually aware and a magistrate judge reportedly calling them on it.

I basically want lots of M193, some SS109s, and some hollow points, for varying situations and facing off against potentially varying foes. Although I really like the 5.56 platforms and the round itself, the whole package is spendy right now.

I'm currently selling all of my 5.56 guns/equipment and loading up on 7.62x39, and alot of soft points due to college expenses. Although I really like the 5.56 platforms and the round itself, the whole package is spendy right now.

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