Laws in illinois about dating websites

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The day before, a Louisiana bill forbidding registered sex offenders from using social networking sites was approved by a state House committee.

(A similar bill was signed into law in Illinois in 2009 and put on hold in California in 2011.) Late last month,, e Harmony and the Spark Networks signed a “joint statement of business principles” to attempt to screen out registered sex offenders.

Those questions are being sorted out on a law-by-law basis, says Ruthann Robson, a professor at CUNY School of Law.

The revised version of the Louisiana bill more narrowly focuses on sites just like Facebook, but it could still include professional networking sites like Linked In, she says, and it’s still “infringing upon a group of people’s First Amendment rights.” She also underscores that it’s “creating a new crime [i.e.

That’s an extreme example — one signaling the need for registry reform above all else — but it’s also true that there are important individual distinctions in terms of the risks of re-offense.

Until we have more definitive evidence on these differences — which would require hard-to-come-by research funding — Cantor says, “These people would best be treated on a case-by-case basis: An offender who used networking sites as part of his offense would be banned, but offenders using them for pro-social purposes, such as participating in support groups, would be encouraged.” After all, these days so much normal social interaction happens online.

Bullying poses a greater threat online than sexual solicitation, and children’s greatest threat of sexual abuse comes from someone they know — a relative or family friend — not from a stranger on the other end of his or her Xbox.

Still, protecting kids from predators with unprecedented access to them is important; there is no debate there.

It’s too early to say for sure, as there isn’t any solid research.using Facebook] based upon their previous conviction.” Courts have imperfect guidelines for evaluating these cases, she says.“If you’re convicted of a crime and you serve your time, there are very few things that extend beyond that — like some states have felony disenfranchisements and that sort of stuff,” Robson explains.If passed, the Internet Dating Safety Act would take effect immediately.Online dating background checks have become more commonplace as more people join internet dating websites.

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