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1101-1130 tune-in to choral national anthem conclusion, "El noticiero en la mañana... Both back, but not very strong, 1410 recheck.1080 GEORGIA WFTD, Marietta. Mexican Spanish format with rancheras, squeaky female announcer taking phone calls, commercials for stores in Atlanta, "la Ley 10-80 A-M" slogan. In passing, fair with black Southern gospel vocals. Thanks Glenn Hauser tip via World of Radio audio stream listen.7355 ALASKA KNLS, Anchor Point. Tune-in to clear but weak signal with female, "..Saturday on KNLS... your host..." into male with mention of the Old Testament. Some decent transmitter and antenna photos on their web page at: Not audible after mid-morning, so likely some distance east of Habana but not extreme western Cuba (otherwise it wouldn't hold forth this late here). 1210 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus. Good with soft Cuban vocals, female announcer, finally an ID at 1249. Briefly in with rancheras, fading and then lost to Rebelde by tune-out. 1140 CUBA Radio Cadena Habana, La Habana, Ciudad de la Habana. Rad Cad Hab dominating at this late-morning hour, no sign of Rebelde at least without bothering to fiddle antennas. Rebelde going into "La Mesa Redonda" program feed with Radio Habana Cuba mentions, and indeed parallel RHC 6000, 9640 and Rebelde 5025. right here on the Bahamas Radio Network, it's now 8 p.m." into Urban and soca/junkanoo vocals. Paul – probably more accurate – gets a LOB much farther east of this, slightly west of Santa Clara and east of Cienfuegos. Fading up atop all the others with the usual canned male/female ID over steel pan music bed, parallel weaker and listed 1220. Briefly under/over Rebelde with Journey's “Who's Crying Now” and fade-down, then The Police “Roxanne” at 0008, fade. Suspect something Central American or maybe Mexican. Clear and good.5954.276 COSTA RICA (CLANDESTINE) Radio República, Guápiles or Cariari. Fair, some network feed coverage on Colorado shootings, not parallel Saddlebunch Keys which was airing something classical music. “ABC Radio, 6-60 AM, las noticias como son” slogans often. Comparing Chihuahua with Coahuila, it’s clearly the latter including matching lyrics. Some splatter from WTAN, Clearwater (local) on 1340, and of course no opportunity to parallel the Radio Ciudad del Mar 1340 k Hz second transmitter (Palmira) as a result. That one was confirmed while chatting online with David Crawford, Titusville, Florida, who suggests possibly Iran source as an intended blocking signal. Weak co-channel unidentified black gospel vocals station and the usual unidentified 1309.88 or so het, with no trace of the Oldies format and the Nostalgia format unidentified stations I've been chasing here.1440 FLORIDA WPRD, Winter Park. Mostly dominating with Haitian Kreyòl male talk, commercial break 0205 with Orlando and Ocoee Haitian community businesses.

Radio Informa..." commercials with lots of sirens and back to news. Fair on the Aqua Guide 705 RDF, with Radio Guamá absent this morning.1570 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Las Tunas (per WRTVH 2010). Orchestral movie score, a fragment popping through all the co-channel, in parallel 530. It only took a few hours after my dxldyg post was read by Arnaldo & Company, and the hour of unjammed República is no more. Weren't they on a frequency close to this, via Guatemala or Costa Rica? 96.1 MHz FLORIDA (PIRATE) "Radio Whitfield", Sarasota. Barlow's antennae-wielding thugs, gun-toting FDLE misfits or the local Barney Fife, with a format that I can hear on multiple licensed FM's. I give him credit for the frequency choice: a doughnut hole, as outside of the signal range -- even north -- one gets "K-Rock" Signal completely lost by downtown Bradenton. PSA's, then "You're listening to American Catholic Radio from the Franciscans" into gospeltalk. Their website does not list station affiliates (coming soon, they threaten). Recheck 2352 with US English preacher talking about the Holy Ghost (just in time for Halloween), Canada address for the program at 0000, then dead air, off. Adult Standards (Cass Elliott, Neil Diamond), male, "... The new Rebelde poor underneath, and two domestics (one interviewing a politician running for office, the other with network sports talk -- both of which faded out by 1300 -- as did Rebelde). Bearings on the RDF place this east of Sancti Spirits (town of).1540 BAHAMAS ZNS1, Nassau, New Providence. Female cosmetic skin care talk with male host, Bahamian accents, mention of Princess Margaret Hospital. By 2355, a weak het from 1539, presumably VOA from al-Dhabbiya, UAE. Heavily-accented French male, into highlife vocals, Arabic talk. This should squish Radio Educación, when on (seemingly not today though had them a few days ago pre-1200, parallel 1060 MW).5050 / 9820 CHINA Guangxi PBS/Beibu Bay Radio, Nanning. Clear and good with Viet female, instrumental fills, joined by man. Smack on 1121.00 and no sign of anything Cuba otherwise on 1120 proper, daytime or nights here. Again, this one -- indeed for a long time on 1210 -- isn't entered on other lists, including the WRTH 2012, etc. To sum, Caribe remains on not only 1220 but also 1210. It’s been a long time since I checked for this at sign-on, and I don’t read where anyone else has bothered to check on consecutive or close-to days, so here we go. English female in studio with lots of remote phoned reports of some type, presumed the NBC net news capture. At 1018, instrumental version of Elton John's “Sacrifice” then Tok-Pisin programming, with more remote audio reporting and a speaker with crowd cheering. 3905 New Ireland presumed in as well, but no useful audio pulled and thus not possible to tell if parallel. Unusual to hear an all-Smooth Jazz/jazz oldies format station from Mexico. Signal lost by 1128.660 MEXICO XEEY, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. This one faded up a couple of times over XEFZ with reggaeton and Spanish dance vocals, several mentions of “102 punto 9 FM” and something pesos, so presume XEEY, listed as simulcast of XHEY “La Kaliente” though no slogan heard. Four soft chimes, the last note being longer, then female, “Esta es Radio Guamá… Both 13 heard by me from Long Key, Florida Keys mid-day October 21, so we know they are still there. Het when in LSB from the maybe Nicaraguan at 14 FLORIDA unidentified HAR/TIS. Noted this malfunctioning one again post-sunrise, suspect a semi-local FL Do T transmitter, bearings being to the south or north, with that staccato beeping and sheet metal wobble sound alternating, no voice audio.

Female and male announcers, light non-political (pro-Christian comments) patter. "..National Voice of the Bahamas" by baritone man, into inspirational/gospel vocals, one with a soca sway to it on a local Sunday morning. Martes, 8 de mayo..." and time check, anthem from 1101, clear "Los Cuarenta Principales" heard a couple of times, which made no sense till checking Fred Cantú's list, which shows: 900 XEWB Los 40 Principales FM 98.9 Veracruz, Ver. So, for certain no longer simulcasting “W” Radio (which explains not hearing the out-of-synch “W” Radio audio here for awhile). Multiple big pulsers pumping up the volume, oblivious to the fact they are jamming dead airspace at this time. COL used to be the equally fictitious West [sic] Tampa. 6754U CANADA Trenton Military (VOLMET), Trenton, Ontario. But after a couple of traditional Cuban vocals, several Radio Victoria IDs, and an Apartado address and a URL. Walton Beach, FL, and also WYDE, Birmingham heard here the next night. Fair-good on peaks over a multitude of other stations on 1260, though WSUA dominates. Barely even threshold with Spanish pop-ish vocal, talk by female. Maybe no surprise; look near the bottom of the above URL at all the now-imaginary shortwave frequencies they think they are on, save for correct 5025. Faded down with the Mexican dominating but clear ID by man at 1200. Acuña…” into choral Himno Nacional 1203, followed by Coahuila State anthem sung by man. Channels in perfect parallel, very good with some deep fades. Wonder if these are active just for hobby fun by the engineer. Not finding anyone on 1410 with this slogan in the 2014 NRC AM Log or Google search.1480 FLORIDA WVOI, Marco Island. Pablo Cruise, Beach Boys, Billy Joel, Bob Seger oldies, commercial at 1120 for a jewelry store serving, "... Poor in WWPR black gospel and WAFZ Mexican format co-channel, plus someone with NOS vocals format.9505 SUDAN Voice of Africa, Al-Aitahab. Surely the one, but virtually no audio so early here.

Male canned ID at 2315, "Sintonice Radio República... buenos días, Señor." Then, male canned opening ID: "Esto con los 30,000 vatios de poder de Radio la Poderosa, la soberana del dial, en 700 kilo Hertz. “W” seems to air the anthem just before 1100 consistently, with this one 1-3 minutes later. Low growl het against Tampa International Airport TIS and weak University Network, Anguilla. Not unlike “Tampa Bay” legal ID's and surely loads of other false cities concoted by the FCC for certain market coverage locations. Also, an unidentified Oldies station occasionally in the mix. [TK-DC] 1260 CUBA Radio Progreso, Media Luna, Granma. Occasionally fading up over all the others on the channel with traditional Cuban vocals. Classified as an open brokered clandestine in my books. The “Hecho” program is modern Cuban vocals, but not hip-hop junk, just good pop and mostly ballads. Program ended seconds before 0000, into sports round-up with two announcers and steel pan sound effects near the opening. 1620 FLORIDA (CARRIER CURRENT) “WBUL” University of South Florida, Tampa. Good signal at least a couple of miles south of the campus. the Marco Island Community." No slogan caught, but mid-November posts on Radio Insight say it's "Mix 98.1" in reference to W251BL translator, and thus no longer simulcast 1660 WCNZ which when logging at the same time here is still Spanish.1490 FLORIDA WTTB, Vero Beach. Sitting in USB off-tuned 20 k Hz down and waiting, carrier up from 16, presumed opening of French service to Central Africa if only one could hear at this hour.99.1 MHz FLORIDA W202CB Bayonet Point, Pasco County. Poor when the ICF-7600GR is held just right in one part of the house, simulcast to 105.9 and 94.5 translators.

Something with their audio source malfunctioned, with both channels running nothing but big, fat open carriers much of the afternoon, finally back with good audio 2108 recheck. (Zecchino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)1500 MÉXICO XEDF, México DF. Spot set with peso pricings, male canned "XEDF A-M, México Distrito Federal, 50,000 vatios... (Zecchino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)1670 UNIDENTIFIED. Odd, unstable, rapidly warbling transmitter (sounding somewhat like the Cuban wobblers, only faster). Maybe still Vo IRI the one, someone in Arabic at 1546 spot check. Surprised to hear a presumed Mexican (rancheras) popping through the multiple Rebelde transmitters briefly, then faded on sunrise enhancement. While checking for Mexicans or the source of the 1210.05 het, shocked to hear the nine-note Rebelde sounders pop through, then male, "...titulares de Cuba..." headlines at 1200, parallel 1180, et. Much stronger Cuban atop, confirmed Radio Sancti Spíritus the next day. Clear but fade down to nearly useless level by tune-out. RR's every minute up to 15, when the chimes kicked in and went spastic, continuously chiming over male and female news readers until 15, then only once going forward just past the top of each minute. Cadena W." Into The Police "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic." 3279.9 ECUADOR La Voz del Napo, Tena. Female in presumed Quechua, into Andean vocals with flutes. Again on June 11: “Diary” by Bread at 1020, segued into unidentified English female singer, segued into Spanish female vocal, signal lost 1030. Very unusual format, if a Mexican, and no slogan or format seems to fit in Fred Cantú's online list. Prompted to get a better DF on it after Gerry Bishop, David Crawford and Paul Zecchino from the other corners of the state also confirmed hearing it. It's been here forever, as there are entries are in my logbook from September and October, 2010 and October, 2011. And 4900 is heard loudly here at the home QTH in Clearwater upon returning in the evening. Male with Cuba news items, fill music 1200, “Aquí en Guamá” at 1202, then reverb kiddie chatter, ID. Bubbling up over probably 10 others – mostly Cuban stations and Miami – with male canned, “Esta es Radio Mayabeque…” 1170 COLOMBIA Caracol, Cartegena, Bolívar. Male and female trading off on Colombia and other South American news items, several Caracol ID’s between items. 1190 CUBA Radio Sancti Spíritus, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus. Interesting to observe from up here in Clearwater, 1190 was unheard from the Middle Keys (daytime) and 1210 was very poor. Telco audio Cuban-accented male, mention of “Asociación Cubana” and a reference to Cienfuegos, then into familiar Cuban sports team names scores round-up report from the previous night games, beginning at 1132. WRTVH-2012 is again wrong, listing as “Radio Sinfonola” (sic – should have been “Radio Sinfonia”). 1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Radio Farda, Al-Dhabbiya. Farsi with female host, presumed Farsi techno-pop and Bollywood vocals. Female Radio Farda ID at 0130 into news items till 0133 then back to vocals. Hulk Hogan law suit (in my own back yard), into an ad break, including one for Stefatina’s Pizza (thought it was “STUFFatina’s” which seemed an appropriate name, but Googling captured it as Stefatina’s, and indeed in St. Tried calling WHEP, but just a recording to call during business hours message, and no working audio streaming for either located.1600 LOUISIANA KLEB, Golden Meadow. Briefly up with old Cajun artist Belton Richard with the song "Mother's Bouquet." Someone with Kenny G-like soft jazz, also briefly in the co-channel, with pests WKWF (sports) and WHTY Riviera Beach (Kreyol preaching) the usual dominants here.800 OKLAHOMA KQCV, Oklahoma City. Anyone else able to confirm which station is using this version of the anthem here?

(Zechhino/Krueger at Zecchino's QTH, Manasota Key, FL)1220 CUBA Radio Caribe, Isla de la Juventud. Youthful, albeit squeaky female announcer between Spanish pop and rap vocals, finally an ID at 1100. 920 MÉXICO XELE Radio Preferida, Tampico, Tamaulipas. Listed in Fred Cantú's online as "Indomable" (Untameable) slogan.1000 / 1080 CUBA Radio Guamá, presumed Palacios and Pinar del Río, respectively. Both transmitters off at 1200 check September 11, 2010. Suspect XEGN "La Gigante" from Piedras Negras, Veracruz, based on how strong so many Veracruz stations are here at this time, but it's going to be very tough to ID this one with the Rebelde mess. On October 31: mostly poor under the other Cuban at 1206-1300, sometimes peaking to fair, with sports, Rebelde ID's. Also listed in the moldy oldie PWBR 2009 in this hour. Clear and fair.1210 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. Nearly local level after WPHT, Philadelphia fading out on sunset, but also Radio Sancti Spiritus co-channel. For me, it seems to be around 210-degrees at local high noon, putting it maybe in Pinar del Río province. Rebelde also present and weak, but spot on 1210, so not them. Tune in with bassy male, “This is Radio Belarus” and news-ish items, all very hard to understand with crappy modulation and bassy audio. Recheck 2258, closing announcements, 23*.5952.42 BOLIVIA Radio Pío XI, Siglo Veinte. Female ID 2359, long discussion, ID 0017, nondescript Spanish vocals, another ID 0041, flutes and rustic music till 0054 and yet another ID. Paul supplies this page érgio Mendes & Brasil 66, another ID, into “You Make Me Feel Brand New” by Jerald Daemyon then the Braso Portuguese-sung “Desafinado” by Stan Getz/Gilberto Gil. Same chimes and ID at 0021, into Cuban semi-pop vocals. Good on my local sunrise enhancement, certainly way better than my log on October 21 mid-day from the middle-Keys (Long Key State Park). Meanwhile, 1200 was heard there, but not here tonight or last night. 1148 ending of song, announcer, back to Mexi-tunes, then seconds before 1157 into truncated version of the Himno Nacional followed by an unidentified state anthem sung by an opera-like voice female. The PRD-5 portable pointed roughly to Cienfuegos, with co-channel from unidentified but presumed WWWL, New Orleans, with nonstop ESPN Sports Radio. A second station, also in seemingly Farsi, under this one at times with vocals and briefly male talk. 1310 CUBA Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. Big signal with the usual EZL instrumental knockoffs, female ID.

You may tune in and think they are not active, but you really need to sit on the frequency for awhile until they pop back up. Good in passing with ID, man with Cuban sports roundup. Chinese female, distinctive Chi Com time sounders 1200, more babble. Robinson." Injured by day power-up from WJCC, Miami Springs with ethnic Haitian programming. Today's nicest track, as identified by holding the i Phone's Sound Hound app to the speaker was “La Mentira” by Felipe Pirela, and it's available on a compilation CD. Per Wiki: “Felipe Pirela (1941 - 1972) was a Venezuelan singer.” Other deeper and more indigenous Cuban tracks are a FAIL on Sound Hound, though. The distinctive HCJB time sounders (three seconds slow on final tone) top-of-hour (don't forget: they also roll time sounders bottom hour, even over programming in progress if need be). If I recall correctly, this was the old tower for 97.9 MHz “98 Rock”WXTB many years ago. Male announcer 0859, single, long time sounder 0900, ID, back to vocals. Presumed, very weak with mumbled Arabic man, flute-like fill 0714, back to talk 0715. About equal level to WHBO, Pinellas Park (just south of my QTH) with ESPN Radio. FCC lists as licensee Manna Christian Missions, Inc., Bonita Springs, FL. Something on 9455 the same time weaker, but definitely not parallel with mostly Asian-sounding music, maybe Firedrake? And well past the usual just past 2100 Zanzibar closing time.

And I suspect that -- within a few days as a result of my glorious post -- Arnaldo de Jesus Coro Antich will authorize massive jamming on 5955 as a result of this information. I say good, but presumed WOAI 1200 IBOC hash ever present on 12. In the clear but bad 'frying egg' QRM or QRN, present about everywhere here today. 6518 KOREA, SOUTH (CLANDESTINE) Voice of the People, Goyang. This is likely the unidentified log of Tomas Nilsson, Sweden, SW Bulletin April 15 via DXLD, reported on 6050.932 at 2315) for which Glenn Hauser asked, “Did you mean 6049.932? Radio Ciudadana...” into ads, then oldie female vocal. The property is pretty dilapidated, with seemingly a few cellular-type things hanging on the primary stick last time I noticed. Parallel much weaker 60 not making it, yet at least. Big, over-modulated carrier up and into talking drums interval signal till 0801, a couple of false starts with man and woman in Hausa talk, percussion fill music. No trace of Spanish WQBA, Miami, or Radio Victoria, for that matter. Co-channel big Radio Rebelde and weaker WNMA, Miami Springs, FL (Spanish). I don't see Voice of Korea listed at this hour here.11752 / 11768 CUBA Radio Habana Cuba. Noted a decent carrier right on 11752, no audio until 1659 when a peep of the RHC interval theme poked through. These call (re)assignments must be newer, with only two alpha characters followed by numerical replacements for the missing two or three letters. Doesn't seem to have anywhere near the signal it used to have. Local redneck monotone announcer, Bluegrass gospel vocals, local death announcement 1125.

least as good as 6973 used to be before seemingly greatly reducing power. Presumably just after sign-on, with telcho- ish audio. Southern black gospel, male canned, “Here comes another hour of… Specific time-of-death mentions where apparently available were mentioned, including one recent death with a living in "Kiss-im-IN-ee, Florida" (it's Kissimmee, but we won't fault her: most non-native Floridians do far worse when coming to Florida and then think they can try to pronounce it on their little vacations). Other promos for tuning in to 1540/104.5 FM to specifically listening to a program, so I guess they are really in parallel, despite the WRTVH 2012 listing. No ID, but surely the one with the auroral conditions. Recheck at 0112 had KMOX dominating.530 CUBA Radio Rebelde, unknown site. Weak under Enciclopedia (the daytime house audio), the Cuban national anthem. Recheck 1622 with light instrumental music in progress, then man and woman again. Sound Hound app on the i Phone IDed one particularly nice track as “on Matsuwa (original cover...)” [youthful female album cover image], or is that the song title? Time sounders just before the beginning of very nice Andean vocals with flutes and harps, non-Spanish indigenous language male host briefly a couple of times between songs. Wow, it’s fun to finally have the opportunity to type ‘Hoobastank’ in a log.6925 USA (PIRATE) Radio Mushroom. No audible 6185 k Hz shortwave either days to parallel.104.1 MHz FLORIDA WZIG-LP, Palm Harbor. New LPFM, eclectic mix of songs such as this string sample: Nirvana "Come As You Are", The Beach Boys "Crocodile Rock" (from a 1991 Elton John tribute album), Material Issue/Liz Phair "The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana)", Sheryl Crow "A Change Would Do You Good", CC Adcock "Y'all'd Think She'd Be Good 2 Me", Supertramp "Breakfast In America". Fair with WMOB, Mobile (also Christian gospel) nulled.1620 CUBA Radio Rebelde, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. I noticed that Rebelde's online schedule shows Noticiero Nacional de Radio listed as "Noticiero Nacional Dominical" on Sundays 1300 local, but I don't ever recall hearing it branded that way. "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución" followed by two short, one long time sounders and female, time check then a plain old NNd R intro, throughout and at the conclusion at 1730. Played Maroon 5's "Maps" at 1036, and for some reason, subjected to again at 1048. Recheck December 23: carrier up just after 1930, after departing 9505, on/off a few times for Arabic domestic channel I guess programming scheduled 1930-2100.

Obviously the same transmitter that normally carries COCO (a/k/a El Periodico del Aire), as the two stations are in the same province. WFLA's IBOC was back up at 1546 recheck, eliminating any further COCO daytime deception here. N -- but not sure if it's a block north or south of 5th Ave. It's here that it peaks well on the vintage Radio Shack Pro-60 handheld with no antenna. Brief segment interviewing some lesbian shrink about her mental services and how at least three shows will be recorded about coping with being gay/lesbian in a world that hates said, and will then go live for the show hopefully after. Fairly small signal, almost completely gone on US-19 northbound at 38th Ave. When I first tuned in, he mentioned "We're back on the air" so either they were off for technical reasons for awhile, or he was referring to coming up for the day.., Guápiles. On August 27: excellent level 2121, off at 2128 recheck. Amusing conclusion to the English program: "That's all for today. el pueblo Mexicana..." Another XE, far weaker with the required 1100 (currently) national anthem underneath. Identical format sign-on the next day, September 21 (up at *1059). Does not appear to be a spur from the latter, as it's never generated one before and nothing on the opposite side detected. Suppose 980 and 990 will be my next pursuits for ID's though the coveted 1100 anthem time with almost guaranteed ID's before/after are quickly slipping away to an earlier peak local mornings here.1140 CUBA Radio Musical Nacional, unknown site. Fair in the mess of other sunrise stations, parallel 590. AM...” 1030 just before PSR power up from WAVS, Davie, FL with their English Caribbean programming, though pieces of XERT were audible with Mexi-tunes under.1430 FLORIDA WLTG, Panama City. Briefly and very poor with Tampa Bay Rays coverage fading in/out, female “WLTG 14-30” ID 0038. Then at 0111, female canned, “Gospel 14-30, Gainesville, Your Inspiration Station” slogan (slight variation on the 2012 NRC AM Log). 1100 COLOMBIA HJAT Caracol Radio, Barranquilla, Atlántico. Excellent on peak as is sunrise approaching with ID's and “primera cadena radio colombiana” slogan. Tune-in to Noticiero Nacional de Radio news feed pickup, exiting it at 1729 and change with Radio Mayabeque interval signal thrice, ID by female, into Cuban pop vocals. Threshold with choral Mexican anthem, no hope for ID. A portable HF receiver and myfrequency counter should easily confirm, since the property is completely open and one can walk almost up to the antennae, albeit unauthorized entry (like that has ever stopped me). F.)” by Katy Perry and other pop-tart songs in top dance hits of the week countdown, reverbing female DJ hosting between every couple of tracks. Then at 0532, female then male announcers trading off and back to salsa/merengue-ish vocals with lots of trumpets and brass from 0535, and a familiar, very popular oldie Spanish song at 0541 (Cuban I think) the title which escapes me, as sung by a female vocalist. Noted while on I-275 between the Pinellas Bayway exit and the approach to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge southbound, but just an open carrier and with very bad, distorted hum this time. This one was techno/urban dance nonstop, heard while audible on I-75 along the central/southern Sarasota route, and unheard anywhere after. There have been reports of pirate activity on 99.9 around the Sarasota=Bradenton Interntional Airport, at one time at least with Haitian Kreyol format. and the weather reader instruments are visible amongst the antennae on a dedicated pole. Programming originates at 100.7 WMTX-HD2.96.7 MHz FLORIDA W244BE, Brandon, Hillsborough County. Yesterday I heard a canned calls-only ID dropping on 970 WFLA, then again today.

Also, Radio Ciudad de la Habana was heard here while in the Florida Keys, September 11 and 13, 2008 with post-Hurricane Ike coverage (at times relaying Ciudad, other times with COCO or special joint networking).980 CUBA COCO El Periodico del Aire, Sapo, Ciudad de la Habana. 970 WFLA's IBOC blew up at 1216 while listening (lots of problems there -- at 1211, "I'm Katrina Jennings on 540 WFLA" -- an apparent Prophet software screw-up for the Winter Havewn Clear Channel station. Nice level while it lasted3915 / 5915 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Radio Fly, Tabubil and Kiunga. Threshold but parallel with instrumental music, male at 0956. All 20's/30's era bungalow homes in this area, lots of trees. "The Pride FM, The Heart of Kenwood" and (I think) WKWV. All disco-ish songs (Donna Summer, Madonna, Kool & the Gang, Shaka Khan, Michael Jackson and more-recent urban/dance). On August 28: carrier up at 21, Radio República programming up at 21, abruptly off 2121, back on 2122, off again at 2135 and never returned. On August 30: 2155 programming in progress, jammer up at 2158. So, República relay is currently up at 2100 daily -- albeit with lots of transmitter breaks -- before the jammer(s) are up. Our program is over." Into French at 0015.660 MÉXICO XEAR La Mexicana, Tampico, Tamualipas. Different campesino vocal opening the live programming. This is the Progreso outlet noted in August, 2008 first appearing with test tones mid-day, eventually into Progreso audio, possibly on one of the first days active. Possibly the same transmitter that is or at least was carrying Radio Cadena Habana (neither listed in the Molano list). Very, very poor and no ID caught after, then immediately lost. Lots of co-channel post-sunset, including WTMN, Gainesville, FL with Southern Gospel (mostly dominating) and briefly, WOIR, Homestead in Spanish.1430 FLORIDA WTMN, Gainesville. Remains dominant throughout darkness, so are they really running 45 watts nights (U1 1000/45)? Ad block from 1009 comprised of mostly Bogotá stores and companies. Seems common for those who pick up this feed to exit NNd R a bit early during the NNd R synthesizer theme at the conclusion (also used at the opening) for some unknown great fear. 1170 COLOMBIA HJNW, Caracol Radio, Cartagena, Bolívar. Perfectly parallel and almost as good as 1100 k Hz. Another one that's mostly unlisted on Cuba list references. Someone else in the mix with frequent and annoying gong-like chimes (not to be confused with the different-sounding and usually Sunday-only Radio Reloj, Cuba chimes). A decent shot of some of the antennae has been on my Photo & Images sub-page at: I'll confirm next time I am down that way, if not confirmed well before by Paul Zecchino who lives near the site. FOX News Radio feature on, of all cool things, new and classic artist music releases over the past two weeks. 910 CUBA Radio Metropolitana, Villa María, Ciudad de la Habana. Very good with female announcer, into “Till the World Ends” by Britney Spears, “Club Rocker [Play & Win Radio Version]” by Inna, “Late Friday Night (T. Finally something in at least Spanglish -- albeit another lousy one – “Tengo Tu Love” by Sie7e. Female announcer from 0554, eventually joined by man, into fill music 0558, continued past 0600. Not on the air upon returning home early the same evening. [TK-DC] STALKING PINELLASAND SARASOTA COUNTY AMATEUR BEACON, AERO LONGWAVE, BCB MEDIUM WAVE, SHORTWAVE CODAR AND U. Located at a small, early-50's block house just north of Lake Seminole, and registered on the FCC d B as: VOGENEY, EDWARD G, 10570 114TH TER N, LARGO, FL 33773. Next up, the 360 k Hz “PI” aero approach beacon for St. Indeed, simulcasting WFLA, heard with the ICF-7600GR pointed just right. A while back they were on 105.9 prior to that one flipping format to "Thunder Tampa Bay." At last check the 970website still had this unlisted.

la rey de México..." and a canned "¡5-90 la Más Caliente! Tune-in to choral national anthem, "La Mexicana 6-60" slogan a couple of times, into rancheras. 9680 Radio Republik Indonesia on 9680.05 in a the same time, clear though weaker. 1106 "ABC" slogan by man, female mentions of Tamaulipas and other estados across México in a listing of events taking place today. Pretty much lost the signal after this, with KMOX sports talk dominating till they too faded out a little after 1100. In Sarasota County the next day, July 28th, David and I met up with Paul V Zecchino and once again we poked around the USCG Auxiliary site and adjacent Service Club Park (county park with beach access) both just northwest of the Venice Municipal Airport and on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. This evening, George Strait "Murder On Music Row" popped up briefly between WSBB, New Smyrna Beach (oldies) and someone talk. [FM channel not copied -- 97.3 translator possibly]...

" a couple of times, matching their website, a/k/a "Sabrosita" slogan though not mentioned. Excellent, with another weak Mexican underneath, with the anthem about a minute behind.780 MÉXICO XEMTS, Tampico, Tamaulipas. Tentatively the one (seem to recall this one dominates at sunrise peak) and matching the level of 660 XEAR. 9560.5 ETHIOPIA (and CLANDESTINE) Radio Ethiopia / Voice of Democratic Alliance. Presumed the one with nice Horn of Africa vocals, Arabic closing announcements 1459. No US stations that should be audible at this time are listed with an Oldies format, but that's what I presumed this set of songs must be sourcing from. Tune-in to soft vocal in English by female, Spanish male announcer 1014, signal fade. We discovered two series of receiving antenna poles just behind the first set of dunes, and other antennae (all unobstructed/not fenced off), including one that was clearly marked CODAR on the mounted gear. Good on my sunrise enhancement with male/female local drive-time hosts with state and national news, “KRMG news time, …” Joe Kelly I think was the guy. I called the website number, not expecting anyone to answer after hours but "Stephanie" picked up. Asheville." Listed ESPN, immediately lost to dominant Enciclopedia.800 BONAIRE PJB Trans World Radio, Kralendijk. Smooth jazz, presumably filler, then Radio Transmundial ID by man at 0100, into Spanish gospel.

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