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L I'm your number one fan here in the philippines you know what I really like you espicially the way you smile my heart beat go fast and also everytime you lip bite you make me crazy . INSPIRITS# hi myung soo oppa (L kim) i have been your fan since the day i saw you at the shut up flower boy band ant Tv N(channel M) know your simply amazing you really can caught one's attention because of your charming aura... i just love everything about you especially your smile ! oh, how can i describe my feeling when i first saw you at "shut up flower boy band" !! I think you must have been the lead in both The Time We Were Not In Love and My Lovely Girl. oppa its me again im your fans in malaysia and im park tasyah ji oppa i very love you oppa ,your smile can give happy ,your song will give happy everything about you oppa i will happy you yhe best oppa when infinite want comeback i cant wait to see infinite comeback oppa please come malaysia i want to meet you so much anyeonghaseyo kim myung soo oppa oppa neomu chongmal kyeopta the reaseon why i study heard because i want study at korea and see you,i realy want to meet you oppa ,thank you because you give me happy if i in sad you are the best you are my star,my love,you are my first bias in kpop i hope i can meet you one day oppa ,you are the best ,i like your vocal song in heartreob infinite h and i like your drama my lovely girl you very cute oppa in that drama i cant wait for your another drama Hi Mr. they say, the world is beautiful but i realized that i really didn't find it attractive without you in it !! I started liking him since I watched the "MY LOVELY GIRL" drama. I'm just a grade 8 high school but still I'm really a fan of yours!!!!!!! well L, you stole my heart the first time i saw you in my lovely girl. Remember this L, I WILL ALWAYS KEEP LOVING AND WATCHING YOUR KOREAN DRAMAS , I REALLY ADORE YOU!! , i hope you will have a time to read this, my mesage for you as you NO. like yonna or yuri both of them are amazing actress especially yonna and also it'll be cool if you dated Krystal ( noona) so anyways i love you oh by the way you and i have alot in common ;) I'm a fanboy of L. i'm still happy and i just hope that i can meet you once in my life, i'll wait for that day every moment, saranghe Woh, do you read all the comments? , How I wish that you can come here in the PHILIPPINES with your group , the INFINITE, so that i can see you personally , I really wish that everyday ... speaking of krystal , I REALLY LOVE YOUR CHEMISTRY! , because one thing is for sure , that you both have a lot in common , like when you tongue's out , and the way you look at each other is so different .. eh haha hi L i would love to meet you in person same goes with the rest of infinite i think that would me cool one question have you ever thought about doing a drama with one of the snsd? I like you and woo hyun oppasoo much...please don't forget smile ...... but still th puppy was just 8 months old and can live more because of me.. Who wouldn't be tickled pink upon laying eyes on you? gosh I really goosebumps when I see you , because the way you smile , the way you talk , and the way you talk to YOON SENA(krystal) in my lovely girl drama, and the way you act , It feels really like HEAVEN!!!!

You and Suzy Bae Relationship before will back together again. Im not trying to be mean , I just want other girls to understand what guys are like when you're close to them . and search for his profile and this is what i know he was born on march 13 1992.

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gosh I did not know that his a boy band member of infinite..I was so shock that his a japanese. I am a huge fan of yours and wish you all the best in the future, whether it may be about your career, personal life or something else. I hope you will read this , I want you to know that I do really Love you .. I hope your Love Life will give you a true happiness.. L next time I see you don't make that face Anyeong oppa!!!! only 13 years old.friends and i like and supports infinite!

Fans of South Korean actor Ji Chang-wook have been wishing for a long time that he and rumoured girlfriend Kim Joo-ri tie the knot.

However, it seems quite a long shot, especially since Glourious Entertainment, Chan-wook's agency, has denied that he is even dating former Miss South Korea (2009).

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