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Unlike a lot of other people coming and going through the park, however, these two weren't enjoying the sunshine. "Cool, I go into Shoppers Drugmart and act all thuggish, draw attention to myself and you discretely make off with the goods while I distract everyone," Paul Herisson replied, stroking his goateed chin thoughtfully.The idea of hitting a store in the downtown core didn't appeal to him because there were so many cops around.This unique place, where people of all hues are thrown together, is home to a rather troublesome pair.

"The fools won't know what hit them," Ashima said, winking at Paul, who still looked a bit nervous.

To complete her disguise, she had a lanyard around her neck, with a fake government ID on it.

Anyone looking at Ashima would see a pretty young South Asian female professional.

Sujith Wayanad, a snake rescue volunteer with the region's forest department, who was called to catch the snake, said: 'On spotting the snake, the frightened workers at Nila dairy farm, contacted the forest department who told me to rescue the snake.'After reaching the spot, I found that the snake had ensconced itself in thick shrubs.

'Using a sickle, I made a small clearing and spotted the tail end of the snake, and tugged it out by its tail.

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