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Yusef arranges to meet Zainab and Masood, but he is revealed to be Zainab's ex-husband whose family set her on fire for infidelity.Tamwar tells Afia they cannot see each other again.Although Masood realises he has made a mistake, Tamwar and Afia marry in secret on the day before their mangni.At the mangni, Tamwar is about to tell his family that they are already married when they are interrupted by Syed's entrance and the roof collapsing.Masood discovers this and again bans Tamwar from seeing her.However, they continue to see each other, and Masood and Zainab allow it, hoping it will fizzle out, until Afia continues to mention her father, so Masood asks her to break up with Tamwar.She blames her father so Tamwar asks Masood to speak to him.

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Eventually he starts to talk to her, but does not allow her to see his body, changing in the bathroom.A few days later, they go out to lunch, and Tamwar ends their brief romance.When he receives his A level resit results, they are worse than the first time he took them, so he decides to give up trying to go to university.This evolves into a fast food market stall, which Tamwar helps run with his friend Waseem (Richard Charles).Tamwar's secrecy concerns his mother, and she concludes that he is gay, but it transpires that Tamwar is hiding his new hobby as a stand up comic.

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