Fred dating the luger pistol

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"MAUSER (S/42) "K"-DATE GERMAN LUGER SEMI-AUTO PISTOL. Right side of receiver has a variety of German proofs.

It has a "K" over chamber area with "S/42" on toggle link and an "S" on most of miscellaneous parts.

Our Staff will gladly attempt to open an address tunnel through which you can access The To obtain that, Google "What is my IP address." The first response will be "Your public IP address is XXX. There is no country however small or insignificant in which that name, or its foreign counterpart, Parabellum, is unfamiliar.To make the statement that it is the world’s finest, most accurate, well designed or generally the “best” pistol would merely be expressing an opinion, but what are the reasons for its popularity?For an extra .00 a fitted leather case was included.Unfortunately, few of these complete outfits remain intact today although they may be encountered from time to time in some of the larger collections.

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